The organizing committee has sorted common questions and tips for your participation. For more information please e-mail to dongxinyi@shanghai-intex.com/zongwen@shanghai-intex.com 
Or call: +8621-62957551/62958367


Q: When to move in? When does the show begin?
A: Move in: 6th -7th Nov 2018 (Tues-Wed.)
    Show time: 8th -10th Nov 2018 (Thur-Sat)
    Move out: 10th Nov 2018 15:00-21:00


Q: How much does it cost for participate in IPGEXPO 2018?
A: Please click Contract to download for price quote.


Q: When should I apply for the booth?
A: We recommend you to apply for your booth as soon as possible due to the limitation of hall space. First come, first served. It is best for you to choose your booth location earlier so that there will be promotions and more options.


Q: Who comes to visit?
A: There come professional visitors including producing/distributing companies, importers and exporters of horticultural materials, institutes, associations from China and South China. For more info please visit “Why Exhibit”.


Q: What should we do with raw space booth?
A: If your booth is raw space, you are going to solve s aeries of necessary details including booth design and installation, furniture/power rental, freight forwarder, hall’s height, arrangement with the venue, size of cargo lift, etc. Please make sure that all of the details of Exhibitor Manual are well acknowledged. If you don’t have “Exhibitor Manual”, contact the organizing committee.


Q: How can I invite my clients?
A: The organizing committee promotes the show in various ways including industrial media, local media, consulates and trade offices. As being an exhibitor, you are suggested to invite your clients and potential customers to the show for a better experience. There is VIP customer invitation offered for your needs, and will be delivered to you in advance according to the information you provided. VIP customers can join relevant events and enjoy VIP services. Please download “Exhibitor Manual for VIP application.


Q: How about accommodations?
A: There are conference hotels with discounted price and convenient transportations. Download the application at Travel & Accommodation”.