Why Exhibit?
1.    Concentrate on displaying latest products and technology, establishing company image through the industrial window of IPGEXPO in South China.  
2.    Talk to potential customers face to face at same time; achieve industrial feedback directly and no more waste of time. 
3.    Have the chance to communicate with industrial association, groups or relevant governmental department.
4.    Free attend to relevant conference or forum during IPGEXPO
5.    Achieve more attention in industry through the integration with the organizing committee and media.


Attendee Organizing
1.    Producing or distributing business:
-seeds/seedlings/bulbs; pot plants, bonsai, ornamental plants, landscaping young plants, fruits or vegetable stylish bonsai, landscape plants, logistics, greenhouses, irrigation and relevant supportive facilities producing and distributing companies.
-pots, plant containers, fertilizers, substrates, gardening tools/machinery, sculptures, railings, garden stone, landscape lighting, fountains, outdoor furniture, anticorrosive wood, garden design, green roofing, vertical greenings, pest control, curing materials and supporting technology, floriculture tools and facilities producing and distributing companies
-cut flowers/leaf, preserved flowers, artificial flowers, flower containers, flower management appliance, packaging materials, cold store, fresh-keeping technology and equipments, florist’s tools producing and distributing companies. 
2.    Customer business
3.    Importers or exporters of florist’s shop or floriculture industry
4.    Institute
5.    Industrial association of flower and horticulture in China


Promotion Channels

1.    Traditional admission tickets
2.    Industrial media: close co-operation with more than 20 industrial media such as China Flower & Gardening News, China Flowers & Horticulture,  CNFloral, Richland Sources, China Flower & Penjing, Modern Landscape Architecture, Greenhouse Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Yuanlin Gongju Magazine, Flower Business News, Duorou CN, Better Home & Garden, Trade Eye.
3.    Online interaction: promotions and release on Wechat account, BBS maintenance, interaction on Weibo, promotions on search engines
4.    Offline interaction: promote IPGEXPO while attending industrial forums and fairs, holding ground events in order to connect upstream and downstream business, promote show brand while visiting large flower market and garden center.
5.    Global network promotion: co-operating with international news agencies to release newsletters both in English and Chinese among worldwide audience.
6.    Consulate and trade offices: introducing show brand to international merchants though consulate and trade office of countries, send admission tickets to extend its reputation.
7.    Local news media and website: Guangzhou Daily, News GD, Yangcheng Evening News, gzscw.net, southcn.com, Guangzhou TV, Guangzhou Radio, etc.


Exhibitor Comments

Wang Xiaofeng, Marketing Manager of Shanghai Flower Port Deroose Plants

During IPGEXPO2016, we paid great attention on product promotion and exhibiting image. Visitors were mainly from south area such as Guangzhou, Fujian, Sichuan, Hunan, etc. Besides, we also benefited from promoting our brand on the organizing committee’s Wechat and Weibo.


Cao Fei, GM of Good brothers comprehensive development Co., LTD

Our pots are mainly focus on the wholesalers of dried flowers and florists. We are satisfied with the sales during the fair because our orders are close to 300 thousand yuan.



Our products are mainly used on Ikebana. This fair is very succeeded because of the high quality of the professional visitors especially in the first day. It plays an important role in promoting our brand promotion and wholesale sales,